dBMasters Ltd.
9 Waterside Close
Kent ME13 7AU

Duplication Print and Packaging For All Optical Disc Formats And Vinyl Records

Faversham, United Kingdom 15 July 2021, they started working in the optical disc industry in order to supply CD, DVD, Blu- ray duplication solutions to a wide range of clients for professional and personal interests. dBMasters Ltd. has worked for people ranging from government organizations to individual musicians. Their utmost strength is product quality and greatest customer service.

Their mission is to provide quality distribution, packaging, printing and combining the contents of various CDs and DVDs. Not to forget, they deliver their products using reliable and established courier companies.

They offer complete printing and distribution services to your music ideas, be it for a client’s brand release or making duplicate copies for ones’ school play. They work on fulfilling all the needs of their clients.

Individuals can contact them if they need to duplicate or make copies for their disc formats and vinyl records. The time for replication varies from one to three weeks, and duplication may take one or two days. All their products have high standing and exceptional sound quality.

dBMasters Ltd. has an ultimate objective which is to provide duplication and replication services to all clients in several industries. They have worked with many organizations, councils, universities, colleges, record studios and established musicians. Be it one copy or a hundred; the clients get quality products. The best thing is they handle any combination of quality, distribution and print. The customer receives all the updates from its manufacturing to its delivery schedule. welcomes you to avail their service for all optical disc formats and vinyl records.


If you would like to know more information about their high quality duplication and replication then visit and please contact them at in case of any questions and queries.